Boiler Installation

We provide Boiler Installation in London at very competitive prices throughout the year including combination and Megaflo boilers.

Our team of Gas Safe Registered boiler installers London, and central heating engineers provide a wide range of boiler installation, services/ repair, and are highly experienced in dealing with all makes and models of boilers.

Boiler installation London, require expertise and experience, especially when it comes to choosing the right boiler for the job. Here at TNC Heating, we are highly trained in assessing your home or business in order that we can then advise on the best-suited boiler installation for your needs.

It is commonplace when removing an old boiler from a home to a new boiler that is to be installed offers greater operating efficiencies and so therefore over the long term will help you to reduce the costs of heating your home.

The Boiler Installation London Process

Boiler installations vary dramatically between each home and indeed each boiler so it is important that we explain to you exactly what we will do and of course roughly how we will do it. A typical straightforward boiler installation of a common boiler is outlined below. This checklist has been put together based upon a relatively standard boiler installation supply and fit:

First things first and that is a full assessment of the work required and also the right Boiler for installation.

Drain & Remove old combi, system, regular or condensing Boiler and flue.

Supply and install new boiler and flue.

Flow and return pipe-work to new boiler installation London– making alterations to current pipework as required.

Connect existing hot and cold pipes to a new boiler, altering configuration if required.

New Boiler condensate discharge pipe-work installed.

Install new timer, programmer.

Power-flush the system and put inhibitors in the system.

Electric wiring to new boiler installation connected by a qualified electrical engineer.

Issue certificate and notify gas safe– as per current regulations.

Remove the old boiler, clean down and leave premises clean.

Boiler Manufacturers’ instructions may vary from model to model but the above gives you an indication of what you can expect when having a New Boiler Installation by Boiler Repair London.

Boiler Installation London